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The Hypnotherapy Centre

421 Durnsford Road, London, SW19 8EE

0208 947 3338

After working with someone employed at a taxi knowledge school, I became fascinated by The London Knowledge and the world of London cabbies. I’ve always been really ‘pro’ black cabs and have long admired the commitment and determination demonstrated by those special men and women who undertake the Knowledge. Fascinated by ‘fly on the wall’ accounts of students preparing for and going through Appearances, I decided to find out more about the Knowledge.

This research, combined with my ‘insider info’ has given me a good understanding of its structure and the distinct challenges that face students embarking on this arduous evaluation process. Widely respected and unparalleled in its depth and requirements, gaining the Knowledge is no easy task. Indeed for many, it is quite an ordeal. This is why students of the London Knowledge are increasingly seeking help to improve their chances of success through hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

If you'd like help to overcome your nerves, to focus or to put past disappointments behind you, give me a call and we can have a chat about how I might help you. I also see clients who have lost confidence, self belief or other problems related to studying, working (and not working). Hypnotherapy and NLP can really change how you feel about things (and yourself) and that is why these techniques are used by sports people, business people and politicians as well as every day people who just need a bit of support when they're 'up against it'.

London Cabbies have big brains!

T MAGAZINE The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS By JODY ROSENNOV. 10, 2014 The examination to become a London cabby is possibly the most difficult test in the world — demanding years of ...

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