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Agonising Appearances

Do you find yourself quaking, shaking or breaking out in a cold sweat at appearances? Does your mind go blank and all those points and runs that you spent hours and hours learning simply vanish once you are there? Do you then give yourself a hard time if you don’t get the score you deserve or worst still are red lined?

The problem is that the more often this happens, the deeper the fear of failure can become. Your nerves are likely to play up long before you get in front of your examiner at your next appearance. A good appearance then becomes less likely as the fear becomes overwhelming and negative beliefs increase. The pattern then repeats itself and often gets worse each time.

Unfortunately, this cycle is likely to continue unless you do something to break it. The good news is that this stressful cycle isn’t inevitable. Helping clients to feel more confident and change unhelpful patterns and negative beliefs is what I do. Hypnotherapy is a great way to change negative mindsets and increase self belief.

Through hypnosis I can help you to change any deeply entrenched negative beliefs you might hold about yourself or your ability to achieve your goals. I can also teach you techniques that you can use to help you to feel confident as you prepare for and attend your next appearance.

Memory and recall is affected by stress and this is why our mind can go blank when we feel under pressure. Hypnosis can help you to remain focused at this crucial time so that you can give clear answers and remember runs and points on request. Of course you do need to have learnt your stuff. Hypnosis can help you to keep a clear head so that you can remember what you have learned, but it’s not a replacement for getting on that scooter or push bike and working with your call over partners.

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