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The Hypnotherapy Centre

421 Durnsford Road, London, SW19 8EE

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I’d rather sing at the Albert Hall

If you’d rather be on stage in front of thousands, than be eyeball to eyeball in an Appearance, you may recognise yourself here. It is often said that public speaking is the most common fear or phobia, but if you suffer from Fear of Appearances, you’ll have this fear and then some! Similar in many respects, both can cause anxiety, cause insomnia, panic attacks and other stress-related symptoms. If you have signed up to do the London Knowledge, these feelings may well sound familiar.

Nowhere to hide
Those who have to present at meetings and conferences and are fearful of doing so, often develop skills at deflecting attention away from themselves. They might refer a question to another colleague or ‘throw it back’ to the group or audience. Whilst this is by no means ideal, and certainly doesn’t solve the internal anxiety, it is a coping mechanism. If you are a student of The London Knowledge, this is not a strategy that you could employ.

It’s not about memory
Most people who fear or loathe presenting, hate the idea of being the centre of attention. There’s no getting away from your examiner if you are at an Appearance though! Fear of Appearances is completely understandable as so much rests on it. Just like fear of presenting, your success at an Appearance has nothing to do with your ability, nor your memory. It doesn’t matter if you have a clear knowledge (no pun intended) of your points and have memorised all 320 routes with ease, if your nerve goes, you’re scores are not going to be good.

So how could I help you overcome your fear?
I use a number of techniques including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Hypnotherapy is a pleasant and relaxing way to change any negative mindsets you may have and to feel more confident. In hypnosis I can give you suggestions that can help you to feel calm and focused. If you are superstitious about a particular examiner, I can help rid you of these unhelpful beliefs too.

See it to achieve it
I’ll teach you to use NLP ‘anchors’ to give you a confidence boost before an Appearance and I’ll help you to visualise your future success. I’ll help you to ‘mentally rehearse’ things going well; thinking clearly, remembering what you need to remember and speaking with supreme confidence. It’s really important that you can ‘see yourself’ succeeding in your Appearances, getting your green badge and driving your cab.